Enterprise Culture
Ziann company: In essence, remain steady
= Spirit of enterprise:
  Sincerity: Root of factory legislation
  Professional: Time of precipitation
  Details: To Possess of value
  Innovation: Future navigation
= Company vision: Committed to become a trusted & faith company at dental industry in the world.
= Management philosophy: To be Quality winner, to gain the trust of quality. Adhere to the "Deliver as promised" afford perfect products to dentist friend.
= Quality management: Continuous improvement to pursue perfect. Zero tolerance for substandard products.
= Quality objectives: Product qualified pass rate of 100%
= Service requirements: Adhere to the customer as the center with sincere attitude and prompt reply.
Address: Da Dang Gang Management Office Muyuan Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guang Dong of China.
Domestic Department: + (86) 757-86690872 / 86633087
Domestic Service: + (86) 757-81208755
Export Department : + (86) 757-81208757
Fax: + (86) 757-86690873
E-mail:  export@ziann.cn/ ziann123@ziann.cn

Service Hotline
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