About Maintenance

The frequent question and the troubleshooting of dental unit.

The high and low suction can't work , the low suction have little power after a period time using
1.there is some wrong for the pipeline connection
2.wastes block the pipelines
3.micro-switch is not high sensitivity,and the spring is pressed into damage or the pylon box hole size is not in the right position 4,wastes block the low suction assemble-waste cup
5.the low suction assembly is blocked by wastes
6.it blocks the pipeline because of the poor quality water
Solutions: replace the spare parts which can not be repaired, inspection and repair lines, cleaning low suction valve, proposing the user clean assemble-waste cup on a regular basis (once a two -week cleaning), use 3-way syringe blowing washed then back as it is, maintain tube smooth.

Treatment machine set a dysfunction
1.main line and motor line connection error
2.mask or controller is bad
3.auto-reverse switch is bad or welding error
4.foot-controller switch is bad
Solutions:inspect and connect the line,replace the mask .

No emergency stop reverse raise function
1.emergency stop switch is bad
2.the welding position of emergency stop switch is wrong
3.switch trip did not adjust well
4.the core conversion wire location is wrong

Operating light is not shine or meet other problem
1.bulbs are burn-out.
2.connection of the two tie-in touch bad and the connection is loose
3.public lines has not penetrated relay which is be controlled
4.the inner wires in the movable joints are twist off
5.the reflective film of operating light has came off
Solutions:replace the bulbs in the same model ,turn off the power then check and connect the plug,we advice the user should maintain the operating light tape under the normal temperature and use the soft fabric dab it but the lamp back can not be rubbed,must replace the reflective film.

Hot water cup can not heat up or the water temperature is too high.
1.the power or the wires are abnormal
2.public lines of temperature line for cup hot water are in wrong connection
3.temperature-controlled machine or the hot rods of hot water cup have been bad.
4.controlled-mask have been bad
5.the treatment of hot water cup control board relay can not work
6.temperature control device out of control or insensitive
Solutions:inspection and repair the wires,,replace the hot water cup,film,relay and a temperature machine 

Scaler can not work normally
1.inspect the work power of scaler
2.inspect the power of the relay (footplates) circles
3.check relay pull-in and off circumstances and whether any voltage output
4.the scaler caput isn't tight or it collapsed by long time using.,in this situation,the user should use the equipped spanner to tighten the scaler caput .
5.check power adjustment potentiometer weather too small ,if it is too small, tuning clockwise is ok.
6.if any screw is loose,should tighten it
7.if the electromagnetism valve of scaler have been bad ,must replace the electromagnetism valve

Curing light lamp is off
1.use the multimeter measure the lamp to see whether it burn-out, if it burn-out,then replace one new.
2.check the curing light lamp foot whether it is of oxidation ,if it have been oxidated,should use the blade to cut the oxide.
3.measure the power of curing light lamp, whether it is normal.and the output voltage through mainboard whether it is up to the mustard.
4.check the insurance pipe whether it have been bad

During the handpiece operating,the hydrosphere meet some problem
1. pipelines problem
2.check the air filter pressure relief valve whether the air pressure meter show up to six kilograms
3.check the water filter whether block by wastes, if the wastes block the filter,then clean it up
4.check the side-box at the bottom of the water whether switch the location with anti
5.check the footplate switch whether it connect bad.

Pipeline question
1.for a long time using ,friction or squeeze , will lead the hydrosphere tube or handpiece tube to burst ,off , sclerose (note: the handpiece cleaner will lead the handpiece outer tube to sclerose ).
2.wastes block the pipeline ,so it need to clear in a regular period.
3.no water for gargling,you should check the water pipe whether twist or shriveled
4.leaking pipes leakage, should inspect the leaking pipeline leakage and replace them
5.pipeline interface is not tight or is a little loose ,then should tighten it again.

Electromagnetism valve problem
1.as a result of time spent too long ,then lead to aging solenoid valve and water leakage and gas leakage
2.the tap have been anti-access.
3.electromagnetic valve interface is not strong which lead to water leakage and gas leakage
4.there are some quality problem for the electromagnetic valve  
5.the poor water block the electromagnetic valve

Circuit board problem
1.short circuit
(1)wrong connection with the two tie-in
(2)the dregs which make by the wet position of circuit board discharge for long time will cause short circuit.
(3)the screw of connection board being loose will lead to short circuit.
2.the connection of the two tie-in is loose or oxidation will lead to the circuit out of normal working.

Water bottle question
1.the bad decompression valve for two kilo will cause the high air press in the bottle which will make the water bottle burst.
2.the water which add to the bottle is not the distilled water
3.water tube have blocked
4.some quality problem will cause the water bottle bad function to afford the press.

Changing problem between the water bottle and the tap water
When you are ready to use the water from the water bottle ,you should check the water source conversion switch whether open and the master air switch too.

Maintenance for dental unit
Maintenance for high speed handpiece (air turbine handpiece)

during high speed handpiece working ,there will be some chipping stay inside which will affect the speed ,so ,after work,you should use the handpiece cleaner clean the handpiece.

When the rotating speed reach to 400,000-1,000,000 rpm ,lubrication is very important for the handpiece. it must be lubricated once everyday when large load work .

3.air pressure
The air pressure stress should be at 2-3 pressure,at the period of milling use of the new handpiece,it should control at about 2 pressure .

4.bur and handpiece
When the handpiece haven't installed the bur,please try your best to don't make it rotate empty,as it will cause more damage to the handpiece.

Maintenance for dental chair
1.DC motor chair
DC motor take the main position in motor chair market for their superior performance of safe voltage and low noise. Its elements is that it is the most state for the motor when the chair rise to the top position,and when the backrest back is most large,it is the relax state .

Dental chair is still the integration stage between machine and motor ,so you should lubricate the motor when use it about half year.

3.PU cushion
Trying your best to avoid lacerating the cushion by the key or other edge tool of patient . it is best to wipe it with warm water when you use it in winter.

4.operating light
The light arm is controlled by pull spring,so when out of work ,please don't pull the light .

5.water heater
In summer,could unplug the water heater in the box (could consult the local distributor); when it is low temperature below zero in winter ,while it is out of work ,please blow inside water to be dry ,otherwise the water heater may freeze to damage under the very low temperature during the nigh.

Maintenance for air compressor
1.cut off the electricity
After a day of work must remember to cut off the electricity to avoid it work continually.

After a day of work,after ejecting all the gas from air compressor,please shut off the valve master switch .it is easy to accelerate the trachea aging, and the pressure switch spring will be weaken when the machine pipeline be filling all the time.at this situation ,it will directly affect the air pressure or other.

3.draining sewage
You should pay attention to draining sewage. there is moisture in the air, according to the local air humidity ,you should drain dirty water once about one month (when large loadwork ,should be half month).
For the dental unit ,after a day of work , must be cut off electricity,broken water,broken gas and sanitized

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